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The Linguarium Project

The Linguarium Project follows the journal Dialogo de la Lengua and its goal of spreading knowledge to diverse scientific fields which are related to philology and linguistics. With this motivation, Diálogo de la Lengua supports events such as congresses, workshops or seminars to promote connections between Philology, Linguistics and sciences. This support is realized by inviting speakers from related areas who enrich the state of art of the discussion topic.

The Linguarium Project  2008 / 2009

Through Linguarium Project (2008/2009), Diálogo de la Lengua sponsored the seminar «Documentación hispanoamericana en archivos y bibliotecas madrileñas» which was organized by Mr. Manuel Salamanca and Dr. Juan Carlos Galende from the Historiography Department of Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Faculty of History) from the 18th – 21st of November, 2008. The seminar was focused on ancient American documentation from different historical points of view. Diálogo de la Lengua supported the participation of Dr. Pedro Sánchez-Prieto Borja as the guest speaker and Dr. Ramón Santiago as chair, providing the philological view for the seminar’s topic: Paleography of American documentation.

If you cannot access the video please click on the following Link